The difference inbetween Php development and programing

You often learn to code hear about all these expressions, but unless you are in the depths of technology, you may not fully understand the difference between these terms and other related terms. This article will give you a brief overview of the difference between programming and php development.

Focus on programming

Programmers are technicians with a strong sense of order and always look for ways to make the complex, simple. They write codes, that is, a series of instructions for a computer to follow.

Programming is a general term that can involve various paradigms such as procedural languages or oriented languages. When it comes to web content, there are dozens of languages and frameworks from which to choose from Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, Apache, Perl, and many more. Programmers maintain processing, servers work, transactions are secure. They are responsible for the building blocks of the web.

About PHP development

PHP development is a middle ground between web design and programming. Web developers are a type of programmer. A PHP developer is keen to take the visual design of a website and make it a reality. It will work with HTML, JS (javascript), CSS, and server-side scripting languages. HTML and CSS are not programming languages. They are used to specify the content of web pages. Web developers are those who create a website and make it work.

So in terms of function, a programmer knows how to write a program, script in a given programming language. A developer, who was also called programmer analyst, is the one who must have a general vision of the project technically speaking while the programmer is content to implement its functionality. It connects different technologies together, it organizes the different specifications it will have to give programmers for the implementation.

But currently if we ask a developer if he is 80% programmer will say yes because they do development and programming together and vice versa.

Thus, we tend not to separate the two names because in its general context, development and programming are similar. Their differences are observed in terms of the specificity of information processing.