Your virtual private server with Koddos

When you created a website for your business, the first thing that you take care is about the design of your site. But you reallydeny, the hackers. This one is dangerous than a virus, so be surethat you have a great protector against DDOS attack.

How about this new malware?

It’s not new, they exist during a long time ago, but we just don’t care about it. It’s like a cancer, and he attacks our body with modesty to kill us at last. In the net, we call this cancer disease DDoS. He gets access from all your contacts inside the website. The system is logical because we find that they only attacked a website with many traffics. Some clients had been denied to your website. Some price and service had changed, and really you can’t control this, and at last your website is blocked. It attacks those sites like money online, or bitcoin or trading site and more. It will block your project, and the end is not so far. There is a solution for this, and you can private your connection access by using kvm vps directly to your server. It is less expensive than renting service of server online. Let’s see how it’s work.

More logical solution

When people are connecting to your website, they send a signal into your server, and hacker is able to be one of them. They look like your clients and getting some more information. At last, they attack you, because they know all about you. The real solution is to adopt a selection to your clients and see who is real and who is hacker one. The Koddos can do this, because he had a software to select clients. It may cost you less than 7 dollars and he is your new server. The plan is simple, we have to work quickly than those DDoS, so your clients will get information faster, they had no time to hack you. Also, this new server is protected by a password that none will get access except you.

That means you can control your server because you have access on your cPanel and you can also increase your traffic to the right way.

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