Your managed vps with Koddos

Many websites are daily created, but most of them are weakly secured, and some others are really not secured anymore. That’s why, we advise to all to subscribe for a Hosting secured with VPS.

Why VPS secured hosting?

As known, hackers can use every weakly secured computer or server to launch attack to a specific server. By this way, he causes damage on a server in a way to make a bug, or even to kill him. So, with a managed vps, this can be avoided. Many hosting services offers now the possibility to owners to manage their own vps. So, you may ask what does it means. In managing her own vps, the owner is able to install SSL certificates, to use SSH and FTP. It also allows him to use the web control panel and the web file manager, like it allows uploading and installing CMS in order to create her own website. In fact, vps helps us to secure our website or server, according to our expectation.

KoDDos solutions for managing vps is the most seen and the most reputed to be reliable in the internet and web hosting protection services. With all these years of experiences, KoDDos offers a lot of possibility at a different price, for all needs. KoDDos offers to owner a choice of CPU from 1 to 4 cores, and a RAM from 2 to 6 GB. For raid-10 disk space, the choice is between 40 and 160GB, while premium bandwidth is between 2 and 10TB. He offers option for DDos protection and a choice of location between USA or the Netherlands, without any contract. With an affordable price, KoDDos services are available from 43.99 to $125.99, with all the guarantee included.

For been always there for all their customers, KoDDos support will always be available 24/7, in order to help them to bypass troubleshoot. And it’s important to notify that he is always up to date.

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