What is your opinion on the Asos brand?

Asos is an English sales site. It offers different brands but the Asos brand is still very popular. Almost all fashion lovers and Internet users who are used to buying their clothes online know this famous brand. Yet, although asos has advantages, it may be that this brand has drawbacks.

Generality around the ASOS brand

The Asos site offers Internet users the opportunity to buy and sell their clothes. Asos products are made by young designers who sell their clothes under their own label. This brand offers vintage clothes, the best of women's fashion, men's fashion and trends. Internet users can browse the catalog to buy and choose to sell their accessories such as handbags, shoes, coats, dresses, jackets and sweaters. The Asos brand offers discounted products. However, the dimensions of these accessories are in accordance with English sizes. Likewise, you will find more than thirty-five different brands on this online sales site. But, this shop has its own ASOS brand with very reasonable prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ASOS brand

Customers can enjoy some important benefits when they buy Asos products. First, the site offers promo codes available. This allows you to take advantage of a price reduction. If it happens that an accessory does not suit you, it is possible to resell it on the marketplace of Asos. Near, you only have to choose from the big brands at low prices. Plus, when you buy an Asos product, you get free shipping. By cons, you also find some disadvantages of this brand. As long as the ASOS sales site remains popular and famous, merchandise stocks are quickly depleted and you have to wait very long because they are renewed very slowly. Then international delivery is very expensive. Sometimes this cost of expansion seems very heavy for most users. There are the routing prices and the customs constraints they have to pay. Although the online store offers considerable benefits such as time savings, a physical store remains necessary when consumers want to make physical contact with the goods. In addition, it is important when they want to try the clothes before buying it to see if they are doing very well.

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