The strategy adopted by Schneider to sell their products

The sales-mix template is used to analyze Schneider Electric's marketing strategy. The company can also build its website for selling the product online. Schneider switches are being distribute using this marketing strategy.


This element of marketing strategy represents the solution to the needs of the consumers. To order to stand out in the competitive market, Schneider develop a unique product design, brand and features. The design of the consumer strategy-quality, range, functionality, branding, brand name and enhanced services should be considered.


For targeted consumers, this marketing strategy component includes an assessment of the price of products. Schneider Electric's pricing strategy would concentrate on determining the list price, terms of credit, length of payment and discounts.

  • If the market penetration approach is selected by Schneider Electric, it will have to set the lower price than competitors. Depending on reduced prices, the company could gain market share. Management must, however, be mindful of competitor’s possible retaliation in the form of an unwelcome price war.
  • The option of skimming strategy would involve strong distinction basis interaction and how this differentiation explains.

Place and distribution

This marketing strategy component needs Schneider Electric when designing its distribution plan to make some important decisions. It should decide: whether the company wants to make the product available through its networks to targeted consumer groups, or whether a distribution network is required to serve the needs of consumers. Whether the transmission is direct (with no intermediaries involved) or indirect. If indirect distribution strategy is implemented, it is important to choose the number of intermediaries (wholesalers, distributors, etc.) whether they are involved in: conventional brick and mortar distribution network, online distribution or a combination of both. Many online retailers such as Amazon will be eligible.


This is one of the Schneider Electric Marketing Strategy's most important elements. Schneider Electric will combine advertising tactics above and below the line to achieve its marketing goals. The above line marketing options are cable, radio and print advertising for Schneider. Catalogues, trade shows and direct mail promotions are below the line marketing options.

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