Php custom web development

For a few months or even years, you have been creating WordPress sites for your customers, your friends, your association or your own personal site.
Only here, apart from installing themes and extensions, you do not know how to go further and have the bespoke features that are missing from your project. Yet all php programmers should master the success of web projects.

Learning php

Learn how to use the PHP language to develop dynamic websites, including the easy interaction of this language with databases. This language is ideal for creating blogs or discussion forums. With the "Easy Development" method, you will be able to create dynamic websites with scalable content and easy maintenance.
Find an excerpt of the training "Easy PHP", composed of more than 30 professional courses to help you progress quickly with the command of the PHP language.

HP and MySQL are called free software. Among other things, it gives you guarantees of sustainability: everyone can contribute to their development, so you do not risk seeing all webmasters lose interest in PHP and MySQL overnight, and that's very important!

On the other hand, PHP and MySQL are available for free. That means one essential thing: you will not have to shell out a penny to build your website! PHP can work alone and is enough to create a dynamic site, but things become really interesting when combined with a DBMS such as MySQL.

However, for simplicity, forget for the moment MySQL and concentrate on PHP.

PHP generates HTML

Customers are unable to understand PHP code: they only know HTML and CSS. Only the server is able to read PHP. The role of PHP is precisely to generate HTML code (one can also generate CSS, but it is more rare), code which is then sent to the client in the same way as a static site.

Of course, it does not happen overnight, but like everything, it's progressive, ask yourself the question of why. Will being a developer help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

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