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The world is constantly changing. A decade ago, an mp3 player was a technological gem, today most people have forgotten it. This, so to speak, that in order to flourish one must follow the progress. This applies to any field, especially in the professional sector. See how AMA can surprise you with its project.

New Horizons

And if you could guide someone to perfection for miles? It may not be a big revolution, but imagine for a second that you and that person can see something simultaneously. Here, the fact becomes a miracle. In this case, AMA offers you its new project which is xpert eye. AMA is a french startup based in Rennes. She is specialized in connected objects and in particular smart glass or connected glasses. These glasses have also stunned the world of technology during its presentation in 2016. This project combines then assisted reality and uses these glasses as supports. You can have everything that could be contained on the screen of your smartphone but in the front row, on your glasses. This marks the beginning of the future and the completion of certain cinemas. A new way of communicating is born.

Push your limits

How can simple glasses change the world? In the background, it is not the glasses in question that bring the renovation but the technology that goes with it. From now on, you will be able to enjoy a mobile remote assistance solution. Imagine that you could guide a worker in a certain task. This is possible with this project since you would share images in real time whatever the distance that will separate you. You can also take pictures, videos and audio recordings with these glasses. Just as if you had a smartphone, you can focus the lens towards what interests you. And what is most enchanting is that Xpert Eye is applicable in the field of medicine. Imagine in an emergency situation. A doctor can see the case of an injured person and advise rescuers or even a third person to perform the required actions.

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