Being comfortable with Php frameworks

There are different forms of website evolution these days, both in terms of the part visible to people, and those behind the screen. However, we will look more closely at what is happening in this hidden part, at the heart of its development. Especially with regard to php frameworks, which have been making a lot of noise in recent years.

What do we know about php frameworks?

More and more people are able to create their own websites themselves, thanks to the diversity of tutorials and courses accessible from the web itself. However, following the arrival of CMS, people have increasingly neglected php. However, we know that despite the performance of the CMS, php frameworks are the web development tools par excellence of the moment. This is because it is much more practical and advanced than the CMS, and its use is very easy, even for a motivated beginner. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there are also two types of framework, between:

The framework on the server side

This type of framework allows any php programmer to remain anonymous until the project is completed and the site is online, working calmly on his side. Knowing that it is based on an advanced graphical interface, allowing everyone to better manage their site from their server. While having good management and communication with its database, as well as URL mapping, which is not to be neglected.

The client-side framework

More commonly known as the framework front end, the client-side framework, like its name, is a framework installed on a server already online. This allows everyone to make all the necessary changes to their site in real time, directly from the web, for immediate results. Reactive and more attractive than the server-side framework, the latter stands out for its practicality.

To be comfortable with frameworks, it is beneficial for everyone to focus more on the client-side framework, and enjoy its benefits.

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