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One of the important parameters in optimizing its website is the speed of loading. A website that is too slow will be penalized and its traffic will suffer.

If we speak of position in the search engines, one thing to know is that the loading time remains for the moment, a rather minor criterion for Google, although tests (conducted in 2015 like the "Slow To Load") and some statements, indicate that this is going to strengthen.

SEO optimization and loading optimization

Note that from the SEO point of view, the response time of the server is a strategic point as soon as the site counts a significant volume of pages. If it is too long, you will not be able to optimally exploit the "time budget" that the robots grant you to index these pages. Attention therefore to at least take into account this criterion if your motivation is the natural referencing. As for what is taking market share, no doubt about it: offering a better user experience than its competitor is paying. Wait time is a key factor in the user experience.

Remove technical errors to optimize loading speed

On the most sensitive technical aspects, we find the excessive use of external resources, the intensive use of Javascript and CSS, which block the display until they are processed, or the images, more and more numerous and heavy on our web pages.

Optimize and compress images

The optimization of the images aims at automatically reducing their weight by different actions, without diminishing their quality. The first step is to choose the format suitable for saving an image. Optimization will take place, either through retouching software or post-processing. This optimization aims at removing all the data of the image which are not necessary for its use of a display on the web. But also it is often necessary to compress them, with the loss of quality, this time. Several studies show that Internet users tolerate quite significant decreases in image quality. Rather than images that take time to load themselves or even do not load at all.

Trust our php developer to optimize your website or to redesign it if necessary!

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