10 World-renowned PHP companies

If you are looking for php companies there are many options available to you. For example, the php company Zend Technologies is based in Silicon Valley and has been around since 1999. A php company with a lot of experience is also WooCommerce which was founded in 2006 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. They specialize in e-commerce solutions!

Another php company that is well-known worldwide is Media Temple. They host over 100,000 websites and they are known as one of the best php companies around!

The php company XHProf has also been getting a lot of attention lately as their products let you profile code in real time instead of having to wait until your site goes live. The php product Laravel Forge came out last year and it allows developers to easily deploy servers with all kinds of services like databases, email accounts and php apps like WordPress or Drupal pre-installed. It really streamlines the process for deploying web applications on top of php stacks such as DigitalOcean's php droplets which have improved greatly since launch just a few years ago.

See how php companies like the ones above can help you out in your own development work?

The companies are able to manage the development work and help you with any php related task. They are also going to do everything in php and php related languages.

What is PHP?

is a server-side scripting language. php companies are going to create these php scripts which can be used for anything from search engine optimization, database interactions and dynamic content on websites among many other things. php is being used more than ever before as developers migrate towards html/css frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation due to the speed increases.

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